65th Annual Meeting

Our 65th annual meeting will be held on Friday, March 12, 2021. If you would like to attend the meeting via Zoom, please call 989-684-1730 ext. 6012 to register by February 12, 2021. Board and Supervisory Incumbents running for re-election are David Royal, Louis Meyette, and Helen Bishop. Any member in good standing, age 18 years and older can place their name for nominations by submitting a petition form with 50 members signatures. Petition forms are available at the Bay City location and must be submitted by Friday, February 12, 2021.


we're looking for volunteers like you! Want to become more involved with your credit union? if so, consider becoming a volunteer! As a member-owned, not for profit financial cooperative, SFCU relies on members to volunteer their time and efforts to help set the overall course of the credit union. Volunteers play a key roll and the contributions they make impact the day-to-day functions of our operations, as well as shape the future of our credit union. The SFCU Supervisory Committee is currently seeking volunteers to serve as A Supervisory Committee Member. If interested, please contact Barb Weiler (CEO) at 989-684-1730 for details.


Meet our Board of Directors:

  • Judy Fletcher, Chair
  • Dave Royal, Vice Chair
  • James Voss, secretary
  • Dave Wolthuis, Treasurer
  • C.J. Montana, Director
  • Dave Hunt, Director
  • Louis Meyette, Director

Meet our Supervisory Committee:

  • Helen Bishop, Chair
  • Charles Brown
  • Mary Girou, Alternative

Meet our Credit Committee:

  • Rebecca Arnold, Chair
  • Barbara Weiler
  • Michelle Hine
  • Lynn Christensen, Alternative
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